ECJ article published Nov 2013

In the European Coating Journal of November 2013 (, an article about the work performed at VLCI for Mondo has been published! The article is called Maximising dispersion stability (see pdf) and explains more how effectively a dispersant can be selected for a particle, in this case the Finntalc M15. This approach works much faster and effectively by combining Hansen Solubility Parameter and High Throughput screening. This can now be applied for a variety of particles like pigments and fillers. Ask us if you would like to obtain more info or a quote to perform such a project for you.

Title: Maximising dispersionstability.
Authors: Veli Kilpeläinen (Mondo Minerals), Alejandro Gutierrez (VLCI), Sander van Loon (VLCI), Sam Peel (VLCI).

Optimising the choice and addition rate of a pigment dispersant can be difficult and time-consuming. A method has been developed to achieve this by using also high throughput screening. This is used to establish the Hansen solubility parameters and optimum addition rates of dispersants. Those with solubility parameters closest to that of the pigment can be expected to perform best.

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