Formulation & Polymer Services

Our unique approach: combine formulation knowledge with High Throughput screening

  • Broad knowledge and expertise in formulations
  • Flexible High Throughput screening
  • Project-by-project collaboration
  • Intellectual Property is transferred to customers

How it works

Our Approach

VLCI provides valuable R&D services to the formulation industry, on a project-by-project basis. Our unique approach brings together our expertise and our High Throughput capabilities. We carry out (new) product developments and we also assist in specific development stages, with an innovative and practical point of view.

Following customer requirements, VLCI plans and designs experiments and formulations, with input on the selection of raw materials, technologies and test methods. Throughout projects, updates are regularly communicated to our customers. Upon completion, projects are finalised upon delivery of detailed technical reports, including product formulations and test results. Intellectual Property is transferred to the customers.

Our High Throughput Capabilities

VLCI uses a High Throughput platform (Formax/Chemspeed) for the automated and parallel preparation of polymers and formulations, via dispersing, heating/cooling and horizontal shaking. This HT system can dispense (by weight or by volume) liquids, viscous materials and solids. Using the HT, formulation developments can be sped up by a factor of up to 5. A varied range of formulations can be prepared, for example:

  • Polymers
  • Personal & Beauty care products
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Household & Cleaning products
  • Pharmaceuticals

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“Using High Throughput, we speed up formulation developments by a factor of up to 5!”