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Join our workshops and meet our experts from VLCI’s team, as well as world-renowned guest speakers. Learn about the beauty of predictive formulation science through presentations, hands-on training and interactive live challenges. Check out the workshop topics below, as well as  a schedule for 2019. We can also offer on-site training based on your specific formulation field and challenges! Previously attended by participants from the following companies:

  • Bevepe
  • CliQ Swiss Tech
  • Croda
  • Dr. BABOR
  • EOC Group
  • Evonik
  • Expressions Parfumées
  • Halliburton
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Kao Chemicals
  • Lonza
  • L’Oréal
  • Oleon
  • PCC
  • RES Pharma
  • Seppic

"I was able to ask many questions about practical problems, and discuss well with the formulation experts, so I have now a better view on how to tackle some of my daily challenges. VLCI workshops are practical, interactive and fun!"

Implementation of Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP)

Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) are a powerful tool for smart and efficient ingredient matching. It is applicable in a varied range of applications, as practical way to understand and improve compatibility, solubility, stability and efficacy.

This workshop includes:

– Presentations of HSP theory and method
– Hands-on training: sample preparation, ranking and data analysis via the HSPiP software
– Practical implementation, predictions and other benefits
– Guest speakers: Professor Steven Abbott and Mark Chandler

Our upcoming session:

– Amsterdam: March 14th 2019 – Normal level – Cost: 500 euros

Register here for March 14th 2019

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Implementation of HLD-NAC for Effective Surfactant Selection

The HLD-NAC (Hydrophilic Lipophilic Difference – Net Average Curvature) approach has been developed by world-renowned experts to make surfactant selection easier for formulation developments. Contrary to the HLB theory, the HLD-NAC approach is applicable for all types of surfactants (anionic, non-ionic, bio-based,…) and allows profound predictions to be made.

This workshop includes:

– Presentations of HLD-NAC theory and methods, predictions and other benefits
– Hands-on training: sample preparation & scans for HLD parameters determination, and practical implementation in (micro-)emulsions with bio-based ingredients
– Guest speakers: Professor Steven Abbott and Professor Edgar Acosta

Our upcoming session:

– Amsterdam: March 15th 2019 – Normal level – Cost: 500 euros

Register here for March 15th 2019

Read more about HLD-NAC


High Throughput Screening for Formulation Development

High Throughput (HT) platforms allow for automated and parallel preparation, providing fast and reliable workflows. High Throughput screenings are therefore ideal to speed up development processes while saving on cost and raw materials.

This workshop includes:

– Presentation of various HT platforms and their benefits
– Translation of manual processing to HT workflows
– HT preparation of varied formulations in VLCI’s lab

Our upcoming sessions:

To be scheduled…

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