High Throughput

Free your mind and increase knowledge

  • Automated and parallel preparation
  • Fast and reliable screening
  • Flexible platform to fit your needs
  • Save on cost and raw materials

How it works

There are 3 High Throughput (HT) platforms available at VLCI, all from the supplier Chemspeed: 2x FORMAX and 1x SWING.

Raw Material Characterization via HT racks

 The HT stirring racks (32 tubes of 40ml and 72 tubes of 10ml) are mainly used for raw material screening and characterization, HSP and HLD scans. Milling of pigment pastes can also be achieved in the racks. The horizontal stirring speed can go up to 1400 rpm.

Polymer Synthesis via HT reactors

 Our High Throughput platform (Formax/Chemspeed) is equipped with six parallel HT reactors allowing accurate and independent control of stirring, dispersing, feeding, heating and cooling for the synthesis of polymers and other products.

Formulation Preparation via HT vessels

 A wide range of formulations can be prepared via the six open vessels of our HT platform, with independent control, as with our HT reactors. The vessels are mounted with a dissolver disc for coating preparation, or with a rotor stator for personal care products. Stirring speed goes up to 6000 rpm.

Gravimetric Dispensing

 The gravimetric unit of our HT platform offers accurate dispensing of varied materials (liquids, viscous liquids and solids). The unique integrated weighing scale of the unit allows for dispensing while processing and can be used in conjunction with all formulation units on the HT.

Volumetric Dispensing

 Four dispensing needles are connected to high resolution syringe pumps and allow for simultaneous or individual volumetric dispensing of low viscosity liquids (typically solvents). The spacing between the needles is adjustable, which makes this tool suitable for all reactors and vessels on the HT.

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High Throughput is perfect for

  • Paints and coatings industry
  • Personal and beauty care industry
  • Household industry
  • Early stage or end product

“Our High Throughput Formax allows for the automated and parallel preparation of a wide variety of polymers and formulations.”