Technology Distribution Centre

Technology Push for formulation projects

  • Discover new and promising technologies
  • Connect and collaborate with R&D companies
  • Efficient implementation in formulations
  • Improve your collaborative structure

How it works

The TDC will help to connect companies to the most promising formulation technologies and solutions. Prospective parties will be targeted through active scouting, or by publications made by the TDC. Born out of VLCI’s own innovation, its ongoing collaborations, or publishable work for existing customers, the technologies hosted by the TDC will be matched to clients’ needs and requirements.

The technology distribution we offer include; paints & coatings, personal/beauty care, household, pharmaceuticals, polymers and many more. These technologies are screened by VLCI in an earlier stage and can be implemented by interested customers in an optional collaboration project. This collaboration provides you an effective implementation of the technology in your formulation; VLCI boost. The knowledge becomes then available, formulation plan will be determined and the practical approach combined with HT screening allows for optimization of the technology in the desired formulation.

The TDC is also available for those who would like to post formulation technologies and are looking for interested customers. VLCI will screen these technologies on applicability, after which these can be posted. Ask us for more details how to get access to this unique centre.

Here are  examples of technologies with projects we performed together with Bunge Amorphic Solutions, Mondo Minerals and Promethean Particles:

TDC – Bunge – Amorphic – Accelerated Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

TDC – Bunge – Amorphic – Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

TDC – Bunge – Amorphic – Linear Polarization Resistance

TDC – Mondo – Barrier Performance

TDC – Mondo – Surface Resistance

TDC – Promethean Particles – Abrasion Resistance

TDC – Promethean Particles – Photocatalytic coatings

In the end of the project, we deliver you the products, formulations and knowledge, which you can take into production or further test – including all data and know-how (IP if possible) – via a detailed report.

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For whom will this be interesting?

The TDC approach will improve R&D projects for a wide range of formulation industries: paints & coatings, personal/beauty care, household, pharmaceuticals, polymers, etc. Applicable for end-product producers, raw material suppliers and start-ups. VLCI helps you boosting the implementation of a technology in a specific formulation.